Spa resorts and natural healing resources have been used for their positive health effects for years. Carlsbad is one of the cities that has most significantly contributed to the development and global importance of spas.

Czech spas developed the most during the 18th to 20th centuries. During this time, many spas were completely reconstructed into a new artistic form, which is now typical for Czech spas. Many houses and spa hotels were built in a neoclassical, neo-Renaissance or Art Nouveau style, adding to the overall charm and beauty of the spas. In addition, around the spa springs, parks, colonnades, gazebos, and pavilions were all established in order to contribute to the general peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Spas also became important centers of social and cultural life and gained the name "salons of Europe”.

During their time of greatest acclaim and notoriety, Czech spas attracted prominent personalities of political and cultural life from all around the world. As early as the beginning of the 18th century a visit from Czar Peter the Great in Carlsbad greatly contributed to the development of spas in the Czech Republic. The West Bohemia spa triangle, formed by Carlsbad,  Marienbad and Franzenbad, became a favorite destination for the elite. The top of the ruling aristocracy gathered in the spas to conduct political and business meetings, organize balls, concerts and theater performances.

Among the most prominent Czech spa guests were German poet and dramatist J. W. Goethe, who fell in love in Carlsbad and was more than 10times there, composers L. van Beethoven and W. A. Mozart and the Italian violin virtuoso N. Paganini.

Spa treatment in Carlsbad

Since the town’s founding the Carlsbad spa treatments have been gradually developing and improving to this day. The treatments help to cure the patients who are mainly suffering from:

diseases of the digestive tract

metabolic disorders





locomotor system diseases

diseases of liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tract

conditions after oncological diseases

neurological diseases

Spa procedures



  • Underwater Massage:  It is a massage provided in a water environment. It combines the effects of a total thermal bath and a masage. It helps with relaxation of the muscles, blood supply to the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also improves mobility of the joints and soothes the pains in the locomotor system.


  • Massage Bath: It is a whirling bath,  massaging is not provided gradually but to the whole body in the same time. The temperature of the bath is 34°C - 37°C. During the treatment the patient’s muscles are heated and released, the blood supply and metabolism are improved and the whole organism is relaxed. The Massage bath supports a proper function of the lymphatic system.


  • Pearl Bath: Peat as a natural healing source is used in this treatment. The temperature of the bath is 37°C – 40°C, so that the bath is strongly hyperemic. The treatment has excellent results with rheumatic diseases and arthritis, it releaves backaches and pains in joints and muscles, it heals eczema, acne and skin inflammation, and it improves function of the perspiration glands. The peat bath has evidently positive influence on disorders of locomotor system, on gynecological inflammations and neurological and civilization diseases. It helps with the treatment of psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne, as well as sleeping disorders. It has also considerable detoxifying effects.


  • Carbonic Bath: The bath is prepared by saturating normal or mineral water with carbon dioxid (CO2). The effect of the bath depends on its temperature and on the amount of CO2 in the water. The bath should be hypothermic (28°C – 34°C). The bath is more efficient at lower temperature. An active hyperemia arises in the places where the skin is in a contact with the bath. Capillaries dilate there and the effect is the same as with autotransfusion to the periphery. The blood supply to the skin is sufficient, the perception of cold is decreased and the initial sensation of cold is replaced by a sensation of warmth.  With regard to its minimum heat strain the treatment is suitable for many disorders such as heart and vascular diseases or afflictions of nervous or blood circulation systems – but always on medical prescription only.


  • Peat Bath: One of the many interesting uses of balneotherapy is the botanical peat bath. Natural peat consists of decomposed vegetable matter and is high in nutrients and minerals. The medicinal peat is harvested from deep within peat bogs (where every one-inch layer of peat takes thousands of years to develop). One of peat's most striking characteristics is the ability to interact with metal ions, oxides, hydro-oxide and organic compounds to form water soluble and insoluble associations of widely differing chemical and biological stabilities.


  • Classical Massage:  It is a massage provided by a skilled therapist (masseur) using special touches and grips to influence the trophic of the skin, subcutis and muscles. The general purpose of the massage is stimulation of the receptors. The massage positively influences the muscle tone (both in terms of reducing and increasing the tone of the muscles), helps with absorbing the swellings, supports metabolism and breaks the tissue adhesions and coalescence. The relaxation effects of the massage are both local and total. Special massage creams and oils are used and as a result the massage is very pleasant and has a strong psychotherapeutic effects.


  • Reflex Massage: It is a highly specialized rehabilitation procedure performed by a professio¬nally trained therapist. The objective of this massage is to affect the reflex changes caused by a pathological process, which are situated in the skin, muscles and periost. The reflex points are stimulated and as a result the places related to that points are effected. The reflex massage is performed with a minimum use of a cream or even quite drily.


  • Pelotherm: It is a hyperthermal treatment using a natural healing substance called „peloid“ prepared in one-time compresses, which are heated to 46°C and then put on the treated parts of the body according to the doctor‘s prescription. The specific heat of the peloid is transferred to the patient's body and the treated places are intensively heated up. The peat compress causes increased blood supply in relevant parts of the body, releases the tension and accelerates absorption.  Due to the heat the connective tissues are softened, the ligaments, fascias and joint capsules are released. This treatment is an ideal preparation before other therapies, for example before individual exercise therapy.


  • Oaten Bath: It is a special bath prepared from 100% oat powder and mineral water and heated to 34°C – 37°C. The bath heats up the body mildly and has relaxing and regenerating effect. It is suitable for both children and adults with very atopic and dry skin. The oat bath soothes irritated skin, itching spots, and allergic dermatitis.


  • Partial lymphatic massage: This procedure is performed by instrumental compression of the lower limbs from the fingertips of feet to the pelvis. The lymph fluid is pushed up from the lower limbs helping to ameliorate oedema (swelling) of the lower limbs.





  • Pneumopuncture: It is a therapy provided by a professionally trained physiotherapist as it is a special type of a reflexive method. A combination of acupuncture effects and of local hypodermic application of carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to influence painful conditions and functional disorders in the treated areas. Pneumopuncture is suitable for treating disorders of the locomotor apparatus, leg ischemia etc. It influences the function of inner organs positively due to its reflexive effect. Pneumopuncture has outstanding results in treating pains in the spine and joints.


  • Oxygen Therapy: This treatment is based on inhaling oxygen-enriched air (the oxygen rate is 40 – 60%). The air has an adequate level of humidity in order to prevent the dehydration of the patient's mucus membranes. The air is inhaled either by a nasal cannula or by a special face mask. Application of oxygen increases the quality and length of life and improves the patient’s ability to tolerate physical stress. It also decreases the medium pressure in the lungs, prevent from lungs hypertension and from the development of cor pulmonare („lungs heart“.) By providing the oxygen therapy in several stages we try to increase the amount of oxygen in patient’s blood and thus to treat some diseases and disorders caused by older age or by long-term improper regimen of living. Oxygen therapy has a wide range of effects and has proved in finishing the treatments of conditions after apoplexy (brain stroke), heart attack or other operations. It is effective in cases such as ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), attacks of angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, disorders of blood supply to the brain, forgetfulness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


  • Magnetic Therapy: It is a therapeutic method using a pulsing electromagnetic field. Cylindrical or flat applicators are used for this treatment. Magnetic therapy has anti-inflammatory and analgesis effects. It helps with dilating the vessels and releases spasms and stress in the muscles. It also accelerates healing of bones and soft tissues. The indications for this therapy are in the first place degenerative and inflammatory conditions affecting the locomotor apparatus and the nervous systém. It is also suitable for the conditions affecting the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, ischemia and digestive disorders.


  • Laser Therapy: Coherent monochromatic radiation is used for this treatment, which is applied on the patient’s skin in the afflicted areas. The effects of the laser therapy are bio-stimulating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, virucidal, anti-edematous and vasodilatory. The therapy is used with dermal, rheumatic and degenerative diseases, for healing of dermal wounds and treating post-traumatic conditions.


  • Ultrasound Therapy: This treatment uses ultrasound waves, the frequency of which is higher than human ear is able to capture. The therapist moves slightly with the applicator over the afflicted areas. The contact of the applicator with the tissue must be always kept with a special contact agent (paraffin oil or conductive gel.) Ultrasound therapy improves blood supply to the tissues and their nourishment. It has strong spasmolytic and analgesis effects – it releases the spas and soothes pains. It is recommended with post-traumatic conditions, chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and other degenerative illnesses.


  • Electrotherapy: This treatment uses various types of electric currents and according to the type of the current the effect of the therapy is analgesis, tonic, spasmolytic or hyperemic. The procedure has to follow the doctor’s prescription in order to reach the desired effect.


  • Dry Carbonic Bath: This treatment is provided on a bed in an airtight PVC bag. The bag is filled with carbon dioxid (CO2) gas  from a pressurised cylinder. The quick resorption of gas through skin, even through usual clothes, is proceeding. The main reactions of the patient’s organism are extending peripheral vessels and lowering of the blood pressure. The bath supports patient’s metabolism and has anti-cellulite effect. It also suppresses formation of varicous veins and softens the skin. The effects are the same as with water carbonic bath, the only difference is that this procedure is provided in dry environment.


  • Biolamp: This treatment uses a biolamp, which is a highly effective source of medicinal bio-stimulating light. The biolamp works on the principle of light polarization. It generates a polarized radiation similar to laser but its radiation is polychromatic with the chromatic component being filtered out. Biolamp is suitable for treating dermal diseases, for acceleration of healing postoperative scars, for soothing pains in the spine and joints. It also helps in the conditions of a chill or a cold and has good results in stomatology and cosmetology.


  • Inhalations: During this therapy, an aerosol mist is created using special ultrasound equipment. When being inha¬led, the mist has a positive effect on the patient's upper and lower respiratory tracts. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the size of the aerosol particles inhaled and the active ingredients contained in the solution used to create the mist. In our spa centre we use so called Bořík solution with a high content of anise or a healing mineral water called Vincentka. The main effect of inhalation is moistening the respiratory ways and their cleansing.


  • Hand Paraffin Wraps: The hands are repeatedly (3 to 5 times) dipped into molten paraffin up to the wrists for a few seconds. The temperature of paraffin is about 52°C. You let the paraffin drip off and then you put the hands into a polypropylene or plastic bag and put terry mitts over the hands so that the heat can impact for longer time. The layer of paraffin heats up deeply small joints of the hands, treats the skin, releases the stiffened muscles and joints and improves the blood circulation. This treatment is useful for diseases of the locomotor system and rheumatoid arthritis because it leads to maximum blood supply to the periphery.





  • Mechanical Lymph Drainage: This procedure assists in the drainage of lymph nodes and vessels using air chambers that are gradually filled by a compressor in the direction running from the distil parts towards the proximal parts of the body. Both the pressure and the program are adjustable. After the first cycle is finished the air is let out of the chambers and the whole cycle is repeated. The drainage is suitable for tired lower limbs as a prevention against varixes and swellings, and also for improving the blood circulation in the legs and feet. Other indications for using lymph drainage are postoperative ans post-traumatic conditions and some selected types of neurological disorders.



  • Classic Full Body Massage (back, neck, legs and arms): This traditional method of massage removes tiredness and fatigue and improves regeneration of the organism. It is suitable mainly in conditions of locomotor diseases as it releases pains. Classic massage is an effective supplement of other treatments, when it is necessary to release stiff musles and to treat painful contractures. The massage has an overall relaxation efect for the patient‘s organism.


  • Reflex massage of the soles: This is a special massage during which the therapist puts pressure on the soles of the patient's feet and massages the reflex zones. The massage is based on the relationship between these reflex spots and the relevant organs in the body. The main effects of the massage are better blood supply to the organs, mobilization of minor joints of the foot, streching of shortened muscles and stimulation of the reflex points. The massage also effectively regenerates overloaded feet and improves the sensitivity of them as the brain is supplied with more quality information from the peripherals.


  • Gerovital - geriatrical examination: Gerovital is injected into the muscle tissue (buttocks). Injections have positive effect on many functional disorders depending on the aging of the body, such as reduced physical and mental performance, concentration and memory weakness, limitation of reflexive activity and reflex responsiveness, hearing impairment, or blood circulation disorders. Gerovital also reduces signs of wear and helps to restore many abilities prevented by aging. It shortens the period of convalescence after diseases and surgeries.


  • Ear candling is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.





  • Antistress Head Massage: It is a very pleasant relaxation masage of the head, the scalp and the neck. It induces feeling of maximum relaxation as it lowers tension in the neck musles, which are the first organs in human body that react on excess of stress.


  • Aromatic massage: It is a pleasant full body relaxation massage using special aromatic oil. The massage oil is prepared from cold-pressed almond oil into which natural ethereal oils are added. According to the specific ethereal oil we can reach desirable effect. It is recommended not to wash away the oil from the body immediately after massage but to keep the aromatic essences on to let them have longer effect. The essences penetrate to the body through the skin during the massage and at the same time they are inhaled by the patient. The delight of the scent is connected with the healing power of a touch.


  • Cleopatra Bath: This relaxation bath with temperature 34°C – 37°C is suitable for dry skin. The bath consists of whey, ethereal oils and mineral water. It is nourishing and has a very pleasant smell (its unique aroma is prepared by our own recipe.) The skin keeps very smooth and soft after the bath. A special type of this bath is Cleopatra Honey Bath (alias Honey Dream) where only honey oils are used.


  • Chocolate Bath: It is a hyperemic bath the temperature of which is about 370C and which is prepared from Holland cocoa, almond oil and an addition of ethereal oil.  The bath has an anticellulite efect. It also cares about the skin over whole body and supplies the body with many valuable vitamins and minerals.


  • Wine Bath: It is a bath containing genuine red wine in combination with oil component – grape or vine oil, which is a source of natural antioxidants. The main effect of the antioxidants is in eliminating free radicals, which causes aging of the skin and loss of its elasticity. The temperature of the wine bath is 340C – 370C and the red wine used for it gives the bath gentle light rose colour. The patient enjoys agreeable smell and has pleasant and refreshing feeling after the bath. The wine bath is effective against cellulite and keeps the skin smooth and soft as a velvet.

Pricelist of spa procedures

Price list of treatments and medical services provided
in Luxury Spa Hotel Atlantic Palace*****

Number of treatments in programs FBT (full board) or HBT (half board):
17 procedures per week (6 major and 11 minor spa procedures)

Code Main spa procedures Lenght in min. Price in CZK Price in EUR*
1 Underwater massage 15 790,- 29,-
2 Massage bath 15 750,- 27,-
2 Pearl bath 15 720,- 26,-
1 Carbonated bath 15 790,- 29,-
1 Mud bath 20 850,- 31,-
1 Oatmeal bath 20 850,- 31,-
2 Classical massage partial 20 750,- 27,-
1 Reflex massage partial 20 810,- 30,-
1 Individual gymnastic 25 810,- 30,-
1 Mud compresses 20 590,- 21,-
1 Lymphatic drainage 45 890,- 33,-
Code Additional spa procedures Lenght in min. Price in CZK Price in EUR*
1 Pneumopuncture according to diagnosis 510,- 19,-
1 Oxygenotherapy 55 750,- 27,-
1 Magnetotherapy 20 390,- 14,-
1 Lasertherapy according to diagnosis 390,- 14,-
1 Ultra-sound therapy according to diagnosis 390,- 14,-
1 Electrotherapy according to diagnosis 390,- 14,-
1 Dry carbonic bath 25 540,- 20,-
2 Biolamp 10 350,- 13,-
2 Inhalation 15 350,- 13,-
2 Paraffin gloves 20 390,- 14,-
Code Other procedures, which are not included in the package  Lenght in min. Price in CZK Price in EUR*
1 Manual lymphatic drainage 50 1490,- 54,-
1 Full body massage 50 1350,- 49,-
1 Foot reflex massage 50 1350,- 49,-
1 Gerovital - geriatric treatment X 6900,- 251,-
2 Ear candling X 390,- 14,-
Code Wellness & Relax procedures Lenght in min. Price in CZK Price in EUR*
2 Antistress head massage (partial) 20 750,- 27,-
2 Antistress head massage (general) 50 1350,- 49,-
2 Aroma massage (partial) 20 790,- 29,-
2 Aroma massage (general) 50 1350,- 49,-
2 Kleopatra bath 20 850,- 31,-
2 Chocolate bath 20 850,- 31,-
2 Wine bath 20 850,- 31,-
Code Diagnostics Lenght in min. Price in CZK Price in EUR*
2 Medical consultation 10 450,- 16,-
2 Medical examination 20 1290,- 47,-
1 EKG 15 490,- 18,-
1 Injections 10 180,- 7,-
2 Blood glucose examination 5 180,- 7,-
1 Medical recipe X 180,- 7,-
1 Laboratory screening X X X


1 Medical prescription necessary
2 Available without medical prescription



* The price is calculated in CZK. The price in EUR can be changed depending on a course of EUR